What You Need To Know Before You Hire A Photographer

Photo by Barbie Hull Photography via Jean-Marcus Strole Photography

We feature loads of articles to help guide you through the wedding planning process. We have tons of free information and advice to ease the stress of working with wedding vendors and making the right choices for your big day. In the coming weeks, we’d like to delve into our advice section and pick out a few particular pieces we deem the most important to share with you in our blog.

Today we’d like to focus on Photography. As of late, we’ve heard some startling news. Brides are not hiring wedding photographers. It seems today that brides are selecting friends and family to be the designated wedding photographer. These days, everyone with a digital camera or mobile phone can take the occasional beautiful shot, which is a wonderful thing. But, just because today’s cameras have made it easy for the average person to take beautiful pictures, doesn’t mean you should forfeit hiring a professional for the day of your wedding. Here’s why a professional photographer is always the way to go.

1. A wedding photographer knows lighting. Most people don’t realize the importance of good lighting when it comes to photo taking. However, a professional photographer knows how to utilize good lighting with the proper equipment and more importantly how to adjust when lighting is bad.

2. A wedding photographer’s real work begins after the wedding. A photographer will take hundreds of photographs of your wedding, but in the end, he or she will carefully touch up each image so that the end result is nothing short of flawless. With today’s image programs like Photoshop, even the slightest color, hue or saturation adjustment can make a huge difference in the final result and most professional photographers are trained with the skills to make your images even more spectacular.

3. A wedding photographer knows the ins and outs of your location. Most wedding photographers who have years of experience are very familiar with your wedding location. They have most likely shot a wedding at your venue before so they know the ins and outs and where the best photo opts are. Even if you are having your wedding in an obscure location, your wedding photographer will most likely make a trip to your site before the wedding to come up with a plan of action.

4. A wedding photographer will keep your wedding on pace. Having an objective third party around will help organize your group in a timely fashion so the photo session moves quickly and doesn’t interrupt the flow of the day. A wedding photographer often acts as wedding coordinator too, just by keep things organized.

5. A wedding photographer has a plan. Wedding photographers know what images will be important to you when the event is all said and done and will not forget to take the shots that matter. If you hire an unexperienced person, they may forget to take a picture with you and your grandmother or the three generational shot you’ll treasure forever. In the hoopla of the day, it’s easy to overlook small details and this is where experience comes in very handy.

When it comes to your wedding, leave the photo taking to the professionals. In the end, you’ll have a timeless collection of memories you can never recreate.

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