Good to Great – Why Experienced Wedding Professionals are Valuable

Good to Great – Why Experienced Wedding Professionals are Valuable

Have you ever had an event not go according to plan? When unexpected things occur, you want someone in your corner who knows how to handle anything. That’s where having an experienced wedding professional on your team can help. Save yourself time and headaches by hiring the best.

What to look for with an experienced wedding professional?

There are a few things that set apart the good from the best. We’ll look into the most important three factors here.

Years of experience

When looking for a wedding professional to handle your event, you don’t want someone new to the wedding scene. Instead, it’s best to go with an expert who coordinates many events and consistently does a great job. You want someone with the correct licensing for their profession. You should find a professional who’s worked on an event similar to yours many times before. Although the hours that wedding professionals work and the number of weddings they do in a year varies, aim to hire someone with at least a couple of years of experience.

Proven track record

When plans change or an emergency occurs, how does a wedding professional handle it? Ask them many questions about different scenarios to see how prepared they are to think under pressure and improvise. For example:

  •  What would you do if one of the vendors did not show up?

  • How would you handle last-minute additions to the guest list?

  • Do you have prepared protocol for emergencies?

  • Tell me your process for set up/clean up of a venue.

Great reviews

If a wedding professional has reviews from many other people and they’re favorable, that’s a good sign. It’s best to check out reviews from at least 20 people and more if possible – those who’ve worked with the expert before can help you get a good idea of how experienced they are.

Where to find wedding professionals

Now you know what to do when you connect with a wedding professional, but how do you find them in the first place? Read on.

Northwest Wedding Guide

Where should you look for an experienced wedding professional whom you can trust? The Northwest Wedding Guide offers access to many vendors, planners, and experts. With individual write-ups and easy contact information, you can find out what they excel at. It’s the best way to choose a professional for your event.


When you can, it’s good to work with vendors and professionals that live in your area. They’ll likely know others in the event industry and may be familiar with your venue already. Plus, someone local knows what to expect in various seasons, helping you prep for unexpected occurrences.

Final Thoughts

Finding an experienced wedding professional can seem like a lot of work, but it doesn’t have to be. When you take part in the Northwest wedding show, you’ll save yourself time as you talk to multiple experts in one day. You’ll get your questions answered and be able to make your event decisions that much quicker.

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