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Are you planning a wedding that was expected to take place in the near future? We are so sorry. This past year has been such a trying time for everyone, but it is extra emotional for couples planning the most important event of their lives. Our hearts sincerely go out to you.

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We wanted to use this blog to give a little insight into what we are seeing with our own clients at Bridal Bliss, and the recommendations we are making for them. We have been in communication with all of our couples planning events in 2021. Many of our clients with dates through May have chosen to postpone (likely for a second time). As wedding planners, it is our job to stay calm and always find a solution. So below are a few things our team is seeing and recommending:

The show goes on

For those of you who are moving forward with their wedding dates in 2021, the priority is to keep the day special and safe. The COVID guidelines for events is a moving target, so if you are moving forward one of the most important things to note is to not get set on any one plan. Guest count, food and bar service, dancing – these are all things that will adjust. Figure out what is most important to you, work to create a plan to make sure those happen and then be as flexible as possible in every other area. Know that your vendor team is going to work as hard as possible to make your wedding extra special. If you have to keep your guest count cut back, here are a few tried and true ways to keep your loved ones involved from afar:

1. Plan a virtual toast! Send your guests an email with a link to a Zoom conference. Ask them to put on their wedding attire (no pants, no problem?) and join the video conference at a certain time to cheers post saying “I Do”. Zoom allows up to 100 connections for a 40-minute “meeting” for free. Just thinking about this makes me tear up! Click, clink and drink!

2. Set up a Dropbox folder for guests to leave well wishes for you. From notes to videos and even artwork from the littlest ones, the options are endless.

3. For those couples who want to share the ceremony, set up a live stream for your nearest and dearest who are unable to attend. Not techy? No worries – simply ask a family member to use the “live” feature on Facebook or Instagram under your account. All your guests can tune in and witness your “I do’s”.

4. Have enough time to pop something in the mail? Send your guests a little token for the day of your wedding. From a mini cake to cookies to flower seeds or flowers in a water source, the options are endless. Include a note about the item you are sending, why it is sentimental, and any instructions that are needed. They will absolutely be appreciated!

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Postponing the merriment

If shifting to a new date is deemed necessary, we have a few suggestions to make it a seamless transition. This spring we are starting to see more couples keeping their dates and moving forward but we also understand each couple and their guests’ needs are unique. We are staying hopeful that come June restrictions will ease and allow for a celebratory summer.

1. This may be your first or second reschedule, but it’s so important to note to double-check your contracts! By now all contracts should include postponement clauses and any potential costs associated. If a contract does not include this, it is really important to ask the vendor about their policy prior to officially moving. Most wedding professionals have been very flexible during this crazy time but do not contact anyone before reviewing your executed contract!

2. Be prepared to be flexible on a new date. There are so many displaced couples that Saturdays between now and the end of the year are going fast! If you are trying to get your entire vendor team on the event, a little flexibility is required. Try looking at a Friday or Sunday to help with rescheduling.

3. Sign a new contract or ensure you receive a confirmation that your new date is locked in. Even if a vendor does not require a new contract, make sure to ask for one. This protects you and the vendor from any miscommunications in the future.

4. Alert your guests! If your date is sooner rather than later, phone calls and texts may be necessary. If you have a little more time you can send an email or a printed card. Regardless, hire your printer to create a graphic that coordinates with your aesthetic to share!

5. Last but not least, as your original date approaches, plan to celebrate a little bit. Pop some fancy champagne and cheers to what will soon be an epic party.

To June and beyond

Beyond June, we are suggesting our couples create a light contingency plan and hold tight a bit. Obviously, the decision is yours, but with invitations not having to be sent until 8-10 weeks prior to the wedding, there is no reason to make an immediate decision. Communicate with your vendors, keep yourself educated with state opening updates, and continue to plan. Each wedding is different and depending on the details and logistics, some may likely be able to go on and others not.

To cancel or not

This is such a hard decision and one you must make based on what is best for you and your loved ones. If this is your first cancelation or if you have already postponed and are now canceling – it’s hard. We get it and want to be here to support. Unfortunately for those who do wish to cancel with no future postponed date, it is important to note that many vendors have non-refundable retainers.

At the end of the day, you are allowed to be disappointed and emotional at this crazy time. Trust us…we are too. We understand many people have been planning for a year plus, so it’s heartbreaking not to see your special day come to life as intended. That being said, while it may not be exactly as planned, your wedding will be spectacular in its own way. Think, what a story to share with your grandchildren “We got married during a pandemic”.

– Guest Blog by Bridal Bliss

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